Life-size visuals

In spring 2019, we were asked by a steering committee to think of innovative new ways to upgrade the logistics supply and distribution facility for cut flowers in Naaldwijk. The use of lots images was expected to improve the overall experience and, by extension, boost overall quality. After doing an initial inventory, we made practical and cost-saving proposals to combine costs with those for maintenance and paintwork.

Being resourceful always pays off

Our proposal to use grand visuals to cover the walls helped us achieve significant cost savings on paintwork. These ended up playing a big part in implementing our plan – and we could almost double our original budget.

Royal FloraHolland
Royal FloraHolland
Royal FloraHolland

Like fields of flowers...

We created a total of 10 large visuals that covered the entire wall: more than 800 square metres showing flowers at all stages of development, from greenhouse to vase. For the rough and damaged walls, we used an industrial aluminium insert profile which was equipped to set up durable and weatherproof banners. The project also included changing the wayfinding, reference signs and location signs, and motivational illuminated advertising in the area where all employees punch in and out every day. Finally, we supplied gate banners and signs to be used on a ramp, and we also provided the walk-through gallery (which is also frequented by guests and tourists) with four colour themes matching the wayfinding.

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