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Just how proud are you of your brand? Pretty proud, right? DsignMarking provides you with the tools to share that pride with others. We will help you to make your brand shine through creative solutions, high-quality products and materials and – above all – unbeatable professionalism and a passion for the work we do. We are here to optimise your brand performance. 



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Nest Plus Jeans 2 web

Back to the NEST

It has been fifteen years since the Netherlands turned orange. DsignMarking developed the Blob for ING, an iconic object in 285 bank branches. Even when ING changed its interior concept and there was no longer space for the Blob, it was already clear that this iconic design would have a new future ahead.

Finally, the time has come. Together with Opnieuw, specialists in circular, sustainable, and reusable design, the Blob has been reinvented. The designers went back to the egg and found a warm and joyous nest there. That became the name of this new comfortable silent chair, which is the epitome of circular entrepreneurship. The NEST.

BOW Modular office fit-out

Realising your workspace fast and flexible. That is what BOW stands for. As an official BOW dealer, we deliver complete fit-outs for your office. Sustainable and adjustable: from spaces to call in, work in and meet in to the furniture. 

DsignMarking launches Wayfinder AR

In collaboration with Cityscape Media we launch Wayfinder AR in the Netherlands, an app for indoor navigation based on Augmented Reality.

Whether they are important visitors, new employees or service employees from other companies, a first visit is always a great opportunity to immediately make a crushing impression. Wayfinder AR helps you to make full use of that opportunity and helps the visitor to get to the right place relaxed and hassle-free. Wayfinder AR is the perfect tool for indoor navigation based on Augmented Reality, without hardware and fully GDPR-proof.

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