Nespresso flagshipstore Londen


Make digital coffee taste like real Nespresso

Nespresso was looking for an elegant and high-impact way to upgrade its store windows to comply with the new standard. We created a digital application to replace the static point-of-sale materials, using sophisticated technology synonymous with the way Nespresso coffee is produced. The upshot is maximum readability and visibility, in any weather and from both far away and up close. They wanted the solution to take up the entire shop window, and it was necessary to install the screens as close to the windows as possible. Challenges we needed to overcome included facilitating accessibility for maintenance of the hardware and construction barriers caused by the architectural recess below the window.

How we solft it

We installed a fully rotatable and height-adjustable digital wall to keep the technology behind the screens accessible. We used a steel structure produced by Meestertechniek, an engineering company based in Leiden, featuring a total of 16 screens weighing a total of around 1,000 kilos. Elegantly designed despite the weight, it meets guests’ high expectations. The interior has a seamless finishing and perfectly matches the existing walls of the store, featuring a removable LED DsignFrame for dynamic communication. All the screens have a total resolution of 8K, as each screen has a full-HD resolution and its own content player, which together make up one massive digital visual. The Dynascan screens are high-brightness screens, which means they are equipped to handle all weather conditions. The content is clearly visible even on very sunny days.

Nespresso flagshipstore Londen
Nespresso flagshipstore Londen

DsignMarking’s input

Our input in this project was not limited to just one area: from the design and production features up to and including the installation process - everything was under our supervision. This ranged from wall finishing on the inside with painted medium-density fibreboard (MDF board) and rosewood panels to a constructive pivot. Moodmedia Netherlands provided the player synchronisation, web-based content refresh, and maintenance. But it is mainly the close integration – particularly between the digital and the static experience – which has turned this project into the success of which we are all so massively proud.

Nespresso flagshipstore Londen
Nespresso flagshipstore Londen
Nespresso flagshipstore Londen
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