Kogler artwork at ING Cedar

The art of signing

ING Art Management, which commissioned this project, is dedicated, among other things, to art acquisition and art projects. This active and reputable player in the art world commissioned the renowned Austrian artist Peter Kogler to design a work for ING’s Cedar head office in Amsterdam, construction of which was completed in 2019. The spectacular result was a labyrinthine game of graphic tubes, starting in the parking garage and continuing through to the stairway and the exterior walls of the lift shaft to the ground floor and first floor.

From digital file to 350-sq. m. DsignTex Wall Covering

We were asked to translate the artwork into a functional and sustainable wall covering. The fine detailing of the design was a challenge that required a high level of precision in the execution, which went off without a hitch and with no overlap. The artwork is 100% black-and-white-printed on a device that complies with the strictest fire safety standards and is easy to keep clean.

DsignMarking’s role

We managed the overall project and were closely involved from day one of the construction process in all the meetings to discuss implementation. We also liaised closely with the architect, the client, and Peter Kogler throughout. It was very important that we got the dimensions right, so we could use blueprints to create the right design for the production files based on the artwork supplied. This challenging preliminary process was followed by the full production in late 2019, which in turn was followed by assembly. This is a definite highlight among our projects!

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