Haaglanden Medisch Centrum


Helping to create a better hospital

We designed and implemented the wayfinding for Haaglanden Medisch Centrum, and through visual branding and signage we are working on improving the quality of the hospital overall.  We are proud to say that our project helped boost the HMC brand experience. We created new signage for the entire hospitals (HMC Westeinde and HMC Antoniushoeve). In the bidding process, we were up against no fewer than five competitors, and DsignMarking scored the highest in problem-solving skills. In a dedicated taskforce, we subsequently presented a preliminary design including several graphic presentations. This was followed by a final design, including a price proposal, which eventually resulted in a full rollout in less than a week before the implementation of thousands of signs.

Haaglanden Medisch Centrum
Haaglanden Medisch Centrum

Choose your colour

The hospital was looking to separate guests through building sections A, B and C to the extent possible. This separation was facilitated by an effective use of colour (red, green, and blue). The result is a far more evenly distributed load across the various lift units. Visitors can find their destination on the information signs at the entrance. Destinations are denoted by a colour, which sends visitors to the appropriate lift. They must then choose a floor so they can reach their destination. After exiting the lift in the appropriate department, visitors follow the signs to eventually end up at their final destination. For the signage, we also used aluminium signs with inserts, which makes the information easy to change if needed. 

Rumour has it that the HMC once worked with other hospitals to set out routes for mystery guests, from entrance to destination. HMC Westeinde apparently turned out the winner. While we have no way of verifying this story, we do like to share it!

Haaglanden Medisch Centrum
Haaglanden Medisch Centrum
Haaglanden Medisch Centrum
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