DsignMarking wins Sign+ Award 2020

November 6 2020

DsignMarking has impressed with the production of a work of art by Austrian artist Peter Kogler and client ING Art Management. The work was specially developed for Cedar, ING's new headquarters in Amsterdam. The spectacular result is a labyrinthine network of graphic tubes, starting in the underground parking garage and continuing through the staircase and the outer walls of the lift core to the ground and first floors. The production required an exceptionally high degree of precision. The intense black colour of the print was not allowed to lose any of its strength, and in the assembly process, any visible seams had to be avoided.

DsignMarking is one of the most suitable partners for architects when it comes to design, visual branding and wayfinding. The agency is comfortable with a cooperative role in the service of architecture. However, it is also well aware of the added value it can bring to the overall impact of the architectural design. 

The jury's comments

"A 'work of art' with great visual impact that actually makes the building, because it connects different floors. That requires a precise and seamless execution. Both the translation of the design into production files and the assembly were performed perfectly. It shows that when a sign company is involved in such a complex project from the beginning, you can achieve the best possible result."

Want to know more? You can read more about the project here.

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