Visual branding

We will help you infuse and integrate your brand identity into any indoor or outdoor space. We create visual impact. This runs the gamut from big and bold statements to subtle, low-key chic, but always impeccably tailored to your brand values. Our spaces are exciting and dynamic and bring out the best in people, inspiring users and guests alike.


Visual branding


From the theory of the drawing tables where the recipe is determined, to the all-embracing world around us.

We translate your brand to any space in- or outdoors, whereby we ensure an optimal physical experience with visual impact. From grand and compelling to modest and chic. Always a one hundred percent match with the brand values. This gives energy, pride, inspiration, and it stimulates of visitors and users alike.



In the experience of a brand it is essential that visitors and users feel at home. Both literally and figuratively speaking. Clear routing helps with this. Those who feel comfortable in an environment will also positively experience the brand that goes with it.

DsignMarking is the partner with the right expertise and experience. After all, wayfinding is not just implementing signage. Professional route navigation and the methodical use of elements like typography, pictography and colour will determine readability and functionality.


Haaglanden Medisch Centrum

Acoustic comfort

Together with climate technology and ergonomics, acoustics is the third key element when it comes to creating inviting, user-friendly spaces. High-quality acoustics help you relax and focus (and those of us who care about privacy like to be able to have a quiet conversation without it reverberating throughout the building). DsignMarking offers a full range of acoustic, thermal and fire-resistant products. Some of these are custom-made in our own warehouse, while others are supplied by renowned insulation manufacturers.


Acoustic comfort
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