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Just how proud are you of your brand? Pretty proud, right? DsignMarking provides you with the tools to share that pride with others. We’ll help you to make your brand shine through creative solutions, high-quality products and materials and – above all – unbeatable professionalism and a passion for the work we do. We’re here to optimize your brand performance. 


We’ll design a dream workspace for you where your brand can really thrive: a space you’ll love to show off to guests as you give them a tour of some of the most eye-catching and inspiring features around. We’re all about creating beauty and designing from scratch, but we’re just as happy working with your existing branding. We can produce everything from a sparkling and original visual statement to more standardized, integrated design styles. But no matter what ideas we come up with, our aim is always to enhance your brand identity.

Visual branding

We’ll help you infuse and integrate your brand identity into any indoor or outdoor space. We design for a tactile experience with a strong visual impact. This runs the gamut from big and bold statements to subtle, low-key chic, but always impeccably tailored to your brand values. Our spaces are exciting and dynamic and bring out the best in people, inspiring users and guests alike.

Signing, wayfinding & routing

Creating brand experience is all about making users and guests feel at home in your building, and easy navigation is the best way to start! If you like the ‘vibe’ in a particular setting, chances are you’ll quickly take to the brand as well. At DsignMarking, this is what we do best: we use tools such as typefaces and colour – which play a key role in readability and functionality – methodically, professionally, and backed by years of experience.

Acoustic comfort

Besides climate technology and ergonomics, acoustics is the third key element when it comes to creating inviting, user-friendly spaces. High-quality acoustics help you relax and focus (and those of us who care about privacy like to be able to have a quiet conversation without it reverberating throughout the building). DsignMarking offers a full range of acoustic, thermal and fire-resistant products. Some of these are custom made in our own warehouse, while others are supplied by renowned insulation manufacturers.

Product development

There’s nothing that gets us going like something that hasn’t yet been invented, as creating from the ground up happens to be what we do best. We rarely feel we’re not up to the job, and we learn more every day by keeping up-to-date with the latest trends in fabrics and materials, innovative applications, and production and engineering technologies. Our knowledge and experience help us to come up with the most ingenious solutions.

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