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It is impossible to imagine business without video calls. And now that it appears to be here to stay, it is time to improve the comfort and usability. Alongside the recently introduced FocusPod, DsignMarking has developed the DsignCurve, a portable acoustic sound screen that can be mounted on any office chair in the blink of an eye.

Together with the FocusPod, this creates a superior video call space with even better privacy and excellent acoustics. Distracting and sometimes even embarrassing background scenes are becoming a thing of the past with the DsignCurve. You can either choose a neutral background or visual branding.

Made of PET bottles

The DsignCurve is made of PET felt: a soft but firm material manufactured by recycling PET bottles. While this makes PET felt a sustainable material, it also has excellent acoustic qualities. Besides being environmentally friendly and acoustically effective, the material is also very stylish. PET felt is available in many different colours and can be customised and printed in various ways.

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