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Life-size visuals on walls and ceilings catch everyone’s eye in retail stores or office spaces, something we demonstrate at the head office of online retailer Bol.com and in the lecture building on the campus of Wageningen University. We provide full-size banner systems (also available as an acoustic option and in all types and sizes).



Ideal for use on carefully and smoothly finished walls. This full-colour wallpaper can be applied without any problem, up to a height of five metres.

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Thanks to its flexible profile, this full-size banner system can seamlessly cover difficult surfaces, including walls with electrical outlets, doorposts, or lighting systems. It can also be lit using LED lights or be fitted with acoustic materials – this involves using high-quality certified polyester wool that improves acoustics and is fire-resistant and thermally insulated.



This user-friendly frame can be made to measure. We integrate a banner into the frame that can be printed in full colour. This practical yet stylish branding solution can be easily changed, making it ideal for retail and food service outlets. We manage and supervise the full process – from design to assembly – for all our solutions.



This system is essentially a foil used to tightly ‘package’ any wall – perfect for brick walls, jointing and plasterwork. The structure of the surface remains perfectly visible through the images. Wallwrap can be used both indoors and outdoors.


Green walls

Our green walls feature that perfect ‘eco’ look: unique and fully customized. The walls – which are available with both ‘living’ green and sustainable imitation solutions – are created in conjunction with expert in air-conditioning systems and humidification technology.


Banner frames

These traditional scaffolding sheets have the right rough-hewn look and are available in any size. The banners feature grommets and are available in Bisonyl or as windproof mesh banners in blustery locations.



As innovation-driven and tech-oriented as we are, we also know and appreciate fine art. We can create fully personalised murals (ranging from flawless reproductions to original designs) and we have several experts in this field in our network.

Make your mark

We design and make everything to order, so if you don’t see the solution you’re looking for here, feel free to contact us to learn more about our customized solutions.

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