DsignMarking provides a wide range of foil solutions. Foil adhesives are perfect for creating a major impact inside and outside your store, office or industrial space quickly and with relative ease. We can think of no better way to promote your brand: it can support the signs used in your building, brighten up your interior, improve workplace privacy, or be used as stylish sunscreens.

Glass foil

Glass walls

When you combine foil and glass, the result is magic every time again: ideal for privacy purposes and to use as a sunscreen. You can even apply foils on both sides of the glass, creating startling effects.


Fixed walls

This system is essentially a foil used to tightly ‘package’ a wall, making it perfect for brick walls, jointing and plasterwork. The structure of the surface remains perfectly visible next to the images. Wallwrap can be used both indoors and outdoors. 

Vehicle fleets

Vehicle fleets

Company vehicles are more than just modes of transport: they also tell others about you and your company. DsignMarking can provide complete fleet branding services if required. We will help you brand your vehicles in every sense of the word, ranging from design to stripping and from full-colour lettering to complete car wrapping.

interieur folie


DsignMarking creates complete interior designs, both for new buildings as well as integrated into existing architecture. In addition to floor, wall and ceiling finishing, lighting and furniture, we also focus on acoustics.

Whiteboard folie


Turns any surface into a whiteboard, though it is also available as a blackboard for those looking for a traditional classroom look.


Wayfinding foil


Foils are also essential for wayfinding: on walls, windows and doors and on ceilings or floors (for floors, we use abrasion-proof non-slip foils). They are as functional as they are refined!

Make your mark

Alles wat wij ontwerpen en produceren is maatwerk. Staat jouw oplossing hier niet tussen? Neem gerust contact met ons op voor duizend-en-één andere mogelijkheden op maat.

Custom made

We design and produce everything to order. We translate ideas into solutions that are right for your brand or organization – you will find some examples below. If you don’t see the solution you’re looking for here, feel free to contact us to learn more about our customized solutions. 

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