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Together with climate technology and ergonomics, acoustics is the third key element when it comes to creating inviting, user-friendly spaces. High-quality acoustics help you relax and focus (and those of us who care about privacy like to be able to have a quiet conversation without it reverberating throughout the building). DsignMarking offers a full range of acoustic, thermal and fire-resistant products. Some of these are custom-made in our own warehouse, while others are supplied by renowned insulation manufacturers.



It is impossible to imagine business without video calls. And now that it appears to be here to stay, it is time to improve the comfort and usability. Alongside the recently introduced FocusPod, DsignMarking has developed the DsignCurve, a portable acoustic sound screen that can be mounted on any office chair in the blink of an eye.



The FocusPod is your very own personal workspace that you can use anywhere: at home, in the office, at the library or in a hotel lobby. Efficient and productive, it’s your own physical ‘comfort zone’ where you can spend time thinking, writing, or making video calls without being interrupted.

DsignWall acoustic


Thanks to its flexible profile, this full-size banner system can seamlessly cover difficult surfaces, including walls with electrical outlets, doorposts, or lighting systems. It can also be lit using LED lights or be fitted with acoustic materials – this involves using high-quality certified polyester wool that improves acoustics and is fire-resistant and thermally insulated.



This user-friendly frame can be made to measure. We integrate a banner into the frame that can be printed in full colour. Since these frames are easy to change, they are perfect for retail and food service outlets. We manage the entire process – from design to assembly – to create an attractive and practical branding solution.



Decorative ceiling panels with a modern look & feel and a high-level acoustic performance: it’s a guaranteed win-win! They are filled with fire-resistant acoustic foam, available in a variety of fabrics and a selection of stunning colours. You can even choose to have the fabric printed if you like. DsignMarking provides advice on installation and quantities.


PET felt

PET Felt, a 100% sustainable product that is both lightweight and easy to process, is produced from recycled PET bottles. Available in a range of stunning colours and printable in full colour. It can be used on walls, ceilings and cabinet fronts and as desk screens or standalone room panels. Perfect as a visual medium for use in offices, gymnasiums and other sports facilities, classrooms, food service outlets, and industrial spaces/manufacturing facilities.


Desk dividers

This is the perfect device for our times... While desk dividers were certainly around before the COVID-19 pandemic, they’re more in demand than ever. Filled with acoustic wool, they not only ensure greater privacy while you are on the phone but they also protect you against the COVID-19 virus. Desk dividers can be printed, are supplied in a metal frame, and are available in all sizes.

Acoustic foam

Acoustic foam

With its excellent acoustic qualities, this material can be used anywhere. Strips, panels and cubes: the foam is available in virtually all shapes and sizes and can be either visible in your space or discreetly out of sight. While acoustic foam is generally used in black, we also provide colour options. Acoustic foam is fire-resistant.

Make your mark

We design and make everything to order, so if you don’t see the solution you’re looking for here, feel free to contact us to learn more about our customized solutions.

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