3D letters

In the corporate world, lettering is one of the most important features of a company’s branding and signage suite. DsignMarking supplies plastic and steel letters for indoor and outdoor use. We use sustainable production practices to the extent possible, using laser and water for milling and cutting, and we print on 3D printers. We also create energy-efficient illuminated letters.

Kunststof letters

Plastic letters

These are generally produced from acrylate, with different letter widths available. We also provide numerous lighting options: internal lighting, with spots, from every direction, and using LED lighting if possible.

Stalen letters

Steel letters

Steel has a raw and unpolished look, while at the same time being business-like and environmentally friendly. Polished or brushed options are available. We generally use stainless steel and aluminium, as with the other lettering options there are various lighting options to choose from.

Cortenstaal letters

Wheathering steel letters

There’s steel, and then there’s weathering steel (also known by the genericised trademark COR-TEN steel), which is in a class of its own. It has a contemporary, natural look that can be integrated into any landscape - urban or otherwise. The rusty look & feel is popular for artistic-style letters.

Petvilt letters

PET felt letters

Soft, warm and cuddly: ultra-sustainable and with a natural eco look, and available in wide selection of colours and sizes. PET Felt letters enhance acoustic comfort and can only be used indoors.

Combinatie letters


Various combinations of letters and materials can lead to surprising results, as in this example from ING, where plastic is combined with felt. You can also play around with lighting here, as with all other 3D letters.

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