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All the most gifted designers have the confidence to successfully balance rigour and restraint with boldness and flair. We also need to know all the tricks of the trade when it comes to tools, fabrics, materials, and technology, and while we will not bore you with the details, we assure you we have got that knowledge in spades. Being versed in everything from 3D letters to smart foils and from vehicle fleets to acoustic systems, we do not let technology hold us back – we are aware it offers a world of opportunity. 

touch folie

Smart foils

Discover the infinite possibilities of touch foil, projection foil, switch foil, and more.

3D letters

3D letters

We have got them all: from A to Z and in all shapes and sizes.


Wall visuals

Just think that every wall and every ceiling in your building is a potential visual medium: seamless and powerful in its ability to tell narratives.


Illuminated advertising 

One of the most elemental forms of sign communication. Our added value is in smart solutions and long-term maintenance.

DsignBlock 2


Our acoustic solutions combine comfort with aesthetic beauty.



There are literally hundreds of types of foil, which can be used in an infinite number of ways: decorative, functional, or both.


As longstanding experts in wayfinding, we’ll lead the way for you both literally and figuratively in design and implementation.


Product development

As creators and inventors, we’re always pushing the envelope of what is possible. If a product does not exist yet and we feel the world needs it, we set out to work.

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