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Since we have been kicking around for 33 years, we know a thing or two about what does and does not work. We are passionate about what we do, and still champ at the bit each time we take on a new project. We have an insatiable curiosity: always looking for new ideas, new technologies, inspiration, and energy. We communicate like designers, facility managers, and procurement officers, and we honour our commitments. DsignMarking offers a mix of dedicated professionals: creatives, project managers, production workers, and engineers. We have access to even more brainpower and manpower if this is needed to build a strong network. It means we can take on any project, 

starting with questions, questions, and more questions. We are not the kind of company that is content with just a few instructions: instead, we will ask you everything there is to know about your brand and your goals. We like to take our time in doing so, especially to win back that valuable time later on through an efficient process. Once we agree on the outlines of the process, we set up a project team. Naturally, this type of multidisciplinary project team is more needed than ever, and for smaller projects all those roles may even be performed by one person. Finally, we handle all our own implementation, using the latest technologies. We keep an eye on the final result at each stage of the process.

André Oerlemans 

Project Manager

David Gaunt

Production and assembly

Fred Melai

Concept and copy

Harold Gallert

Production and assembly

Ilja Reijers

Art Director

Kasper Morsink

Project Manager

Lodewijk Hendriks


Michiel Ensink

Project Manager

Mike Hes

Graphic Designer

Maarten ten Broek

Project Manager

Niels Verhart

Marketing intern

Pauline Scholten

Office Manager

Sandra de Klerk

Project Manager

Frank van Boxtel


Babette Vreeken


De wereld om ons heen

The world around us

Every single company has the same key ‘stakeholder’ these days: the world around us. In our processes, we use sustainable materials and monitor our energy consumption. In addition to having solar panels installed on our rooftop, we also use LED lighting for our illuminated advertising whenever we can. We recycle, and we reuse most of our materials if possible. Sustainability refers to sustaining the planet as well as people, and we set out to use all our products as long as possible, so as to both reduce waste and save money. 

We invest these funds back in sponsorship projects the value of which cannot properly be expressed in financial terms. We annually support numerous social and cultural initiatives and institutions, including VET Kindercabaret, Leiden Culinair, War Child, Hospice Issoria, the Domino theatre group, Esther Apituley’s Locomotive music festival, and de Slag om Leiden. 

VCA gecertificeerd


At DsignMarking, we like to give our clients a little extra security, including through the Sibon certification for accredited signage companies, which is the only widely acknowledged quality label in our industry.  We are also a 3M-certified processing company and can provide our clients with a unique 3M extended warranty on a project basis. 

Our mechanics are 3M- and VCA-certified. Finally, DsignMarking has been awarded with the EcoVadis gold label. EcoVadis evaluates more than 150 industries based on sustainability criteria such as the environment, labour conditions, fair trade, and sustainable procurement. This is how we back up the security we provide – it gives our clients peace of mind.

Historie DsignMarking

Acknowledgements to our predecessors 

Joop Driessen, a resident of The Hague, was the second-generation owner of the family business Driessen Autolak (since 1931).  They mainly served paint shops, and since there was a growing demand among paint shops back in the 1980s for a spray template, Joop smelled an opportunity. Lo and behold, Driessen Sign Marking was established in 1986, and if the opportunities seemed endless, it’s because they were. Joop’s son Jack took over after his father left the company. Since he fancied himself more of a real-estate tycoon, he traded (!) the company for a hotel, and new owner Piet Klijndijk renamed the company D-Sign Marking. 

In 2006, it was Derek Peters’ turn, and from that time the hyphen was eliminated from the company’s name and it began trading as DsignMarking. The company evolved from a lettering firm to a business employing sign markers, consultants, and suppliers of customized Design, Visual Branding and Signage & Wayfinding services. Products related to acoustic comfort were eventually introduced, and product development became a core business. Derek’s dream of ‘leaving landmarks’ appears to be becoming a reality. 

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