Creative use of glass

For Honeywell in the Netherlands and the United Kingdom, we carried out projects related to design, visual branding and signage. The highlight was creating a brand experience inside the building that would really bring people together, using the basic wall motif. The privacy in the offices is ensured through an ‘open’ or ‘closed’ basic motif, consisting of horizontal and diagonal lines. 

Allowing slanted lines to continue past corner joints and sliding doors called for a high level of accuracy, also during the preparatory stage. The application, which involved using both etched foils and fixed colour foils, is an example of ultimate professional skill. The result was certainly worth the effort and greatly appreciated by the client. Honeywell employees feel more at home in the rebranded organization – so much so that DsignMarking was subsequently asked to redesign the British head office (which was earmarked for refurbishment) as part of a phased approach.

Our light across Amsterdam

For Honeywell’s Amsterdam offices, we designed, engineered, produced and assembled illuminated advertising, as well as designed and produced the wall visuals, including for the reception hall, warehouse, and cafeteria.

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