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DsignMarking wraps Flint Theatre

With its theatre and event and conference halls, Flint is unmistakably the cultural, social and business center of Amersfoort. No wonder, after years of intensive use, Flint's home needed a major makeover. The building, the interior, the signage and the house style were thoroughly overhauled. A major role was reserved for DsignMarking, the creative full-service agency from Wassenaar that focuses on the visual and physical translation of brands.


In collaboration with L5 communicatie+design, which was responsible for the marketing strategy and the overarching brand concept, DsignMarking was able to fully focus on what it is good at: translating the brand idea to all conceivable spaces and surfaces. The use of images and signage inside, the 3D illuminated benches and façade advertising outside, and the complete wrapping of the stage tower with foil; no question was too much and no challenge too big.


At the beginning of this extensive project, Flint's director, Harold Warmelink, saw it clearly in mind: "We are not a theatre, but a place of stories. We offer an experience, from the first thought of a night out to the after-fun in a new theater café, where guests, artists and organizers can enjoy a successful evening. And the whole of the middle of the Netherlands will soon know that the most spectacular conference and event location is in Amersfoort." This vision of Harold Warmelink formed the starting point for the modernization, not only of the building, but also of the Flint brand. Based on the ideas and designs of L5 communicatie+design, DsignMarking was able to apply its creative and practical knowledge when it comes to implementation. What does the new brand appearance mean for the signage? How do we translate the branding into the interior and the furniture such as the 3D illuminated sofas? And how do you give a building the appearance in the most efficient way that leaves a lasting impression on the visitors of Flint?


Based on the conviction that the image must always match the message, in this case flint's new brand identity, DsignMarking came up with a suitable solution for every question. The restyling of the stage tower stood out the most. Not only because of the surface area of more than 1,800 m2 meters, but also because of the smart solution that gave the building its distinctive appearance in one go.


It was decided to cover the entire tower with 3M foil. In terms of costs and logistics, a much more efficient method than, for example, painting or spraying. In the last two cases, the façade panels would have to be disassembled, treated at a different location, and placed back again. Convinced by its knowledge of films, application methods and design, DsignMarking was able to quickly convince our client of this special solution. The special color appearance and the durability guarantee of 3M were the deciding factors. And the result did not disappoint. It was Flint itself which first put it nicely on its own website: "With the bronze foil and the red letters that are illuminated at night, the building now also radiates a theatre feeling from the outside!" That's just how it - was and - is.

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