ASR Europlaza Amsterdam

 Colourful daytime and a quiet night

Our client was looking for aluminium profile lettering that bore the company colours during the day and would light up in serene white at night. We made it happen by experimenting with full-colour prints on perforated foil (one-way-vision foil) and by testing this in the workshop until we had achieved the desired colours. In the dark, the letters are lit using interior LED lighting, which – at more than 50,000 burning hours – is the most energy-efficient alternative by some distance.  It’s good to know we always invest energy in finding and using the most sustainable solutions.

New logo

In addition to the wall lettering, we are also in charge of the design of the new logo and for translating this into the outdoor signage. This is a fine example of a project involving three of our core activities: design, illuminated advertising, and wayfinding.

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