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From abstraction to lifestyle

AON is an international insurance broker and consultancy organization specializing in risk management and human capital. DsignMarking has carried out projects at their offices in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Breda and Eindhoven, with the focus being on signing and visual branding. The challenge was to translate the abstract world of financial services into an appealing workspace where users and guests would feel at home and be inspired. This resulted, among other things, in high-impact, life-size visuals and the sophisticated use of foils on glass.

Acoustics as part of the comfort

In addition, we also worked hard on the acoustics, an aspect that is increasingly cited alongside ergonomics and indoor climate when it comes to experiencing comfort in buildings. DsignMarking has become a specialist in this area over the years, and for this project we used acoustic DsignFrames. The client could not have been more pleased with the outcome.

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