Salesperson wanted!

We are looking for a sales person who understands Visual Branding. Someone who can sell creation, concepts and design and who preferably also has his own network.


Visibility is the first necessity of life for brands. The physical environment plays an essential role in this. An environment that radiates how proud you are of your brand and your organisation and that attracts your customers and partners.

At DsignMarking, we enjoy creating this environment together with our clients and colleagues. By creating beautiful things together, we increase the pride, the attraction, the joy of work and thus add value to brands and organisations.

For us, 'together' is more than just 'with each other'. We want to step into our client's world of experience and walk around so that we understand the question behind the question. Only then can we give good advice and think up and make beautiful things that exceed our clients' expectations. We are the creative partner in Visual Branding.

  • Understands the added value of physical brand experience
  • Are well-spoken and a bit cheeky
  • Speaks the language of designers and architects
  • Are not afraid to look for the question behind the customer's question
  • Are very flexible
  • Have an affinity with Visual Branding
  • Have your own network
  • Have sufficient relevant experience
  • Are available full time (40 hours)
  • You live in the region

Let us know why we should meet. Send your CV with motivation to

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