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FocusPod: your own mini-office for home, office or public space

The FocusPod is your personal workspace: a mini-office where you can sit down to collect your thoughts or Zoom away. Co-designed and developed by DsignMarking during a time when working from home is being reinvented. And the functionality of workplaces in offices and public buildings are radically changing. It promotes efficient and productive work, and the ingenuous acoustics drown out any bothersome noises while the adjustable lighting ensures a balanced contrast between your monitor and your surroundings. The FocusPod looks adorable, blends into any interior, and tells people politely but firmly that you would prefer not to be disturbed. While the idea may be contemporary, its design is timeless.

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A pleasant appearance

The FocusPod’s success is based on carefully designed and integrated physical features. Along with taking regular breaks and maintaining a healthy posture (including while seated), they will help you plan out your day efficiently. The FocusPod is designed based on the advice provided by seasoned experts in time management.

Sustainable design

What makes the FocusPod totally contemporary is the material it is made of: durable and cuddly PET felt in four different colors. Each Pod is made from 288 plastic bottles, thus the user makes a serious contribution to reducing the plastic soup. The integrated construction consists of recycled aluminum.

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