Illuminated advertising

Letters, company names and logos take on an extra dimension when they’re lit up. We can create a variety of looks, ranging from classic and nowadays even slightly nostalgic neon to modern and energy-efficient LED lighting. Lighting has a powerful impact, especially at night.

Profile letters

Profile letters

Made from arcylate, profile letters (aka channel letters) have a cover and are lit from the inside. The use of sustainable LED lighting creates an attractive and balanced effect.

3D letters illuminated

3D letters

These are generally produced from acrylate, with different letter depts available. We also provide numerous lighting options: internal lighting, with spots, from every direction, and using LED lighting if possible.



Somewhat of a classic in the world of illuminated advertising, neon even evokes some feelings of nostalgia. Neon gas in a glass pipe. Colourful and as popular as ever in bars, restaurants and various entertainment venues.



Tarpaulin in a frame, illuminated from the inside and available in any size. One big plus is that the banner can be replaced at a relatively low cost, making these containers perfect for the purpose of temporary advertising.



LED-displays are more popular than ever. Ours are available in any size, with smooth, balanced lighting and a stylish look. The transparent glass LED screens are a sight to behold: you can check out a store interior (or anything else that might catch your interest).

Make your mark

We design and make everything to order, so if you don’t see the solution you’re looking for here, feel free to contact us to learn more about our customized solutions.

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